50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Photo: MTV

Lydia Martin – Teen Wolf

Lydia always had a lot on her plate. Besides the constant threat of supernatural danger, and her status as a banshee, she also had to use her intellect and superior deduction skills to save the gang. I can’t even imagine what they would do without her.

Even with all that going on in her teenage life, she also was extremely fashion forward. I can’t imagine when she would find the time to shop among all the studying ancient mythologies and getting straight As. But however she acquired her clothes, she got the most stylish trends.

I can’t think of too many people who can still be taken seriously while wearing a pink jacket, but Lydia refused to let anybody underestimate her. Her clothes may have suggested a teenage drama queen, but her attitude and wisdom conveyed something much different.

I’m a total sucker for a red head, and Lydia delivered on all the best parts of what we know about them. She was sassy, short-tempered, and was never afraid to wear any colors. Clashing be damned. She was brave in her real life, and brave in her clothing choices, and she never backed down from a challenge. She stared down vicious ancient evils, how hard could it be to pull off a yellow blouse?