50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Photo: The CW

Lorelai Gilmore – Gilmore Girls

I always wondered how Lorelai could eat all the things she did and still fit into the dozens of wrap dresses she owned. I know it’s a flattering cut for basically any figure, but sandwiching a hamburger between two pizza slices can’t be good for the waistline, or the cholesterol.

The early ’00s was often a cruel time for the fashion forward. Looking back, all those baby tees and butterfly barrettes might not have been such a great idea. Unfortunately, Lorelai was not exempt from the worst of it. She fell victim to argyle and sheer button-ups just like the rest of us, but she mostly looked amazing while doing it.

It all came down to one thing. Her signature look was the classic wrap dress, and she wore it in every way imaginable. No matter what small little purse she was carrying or weird feathered bang she was trying (and she tried quite a few of both the bangs and the purses), the wrap dress delivered every single time. It was universally flattering, appropriate for every occasion, and revealed Lorelai’s inherent knowledge of how to look “just right.” While she won’t admit it, she probably got this from her mother.