50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Photo: The CW

Oliver Queen – Arrow

Oliver might spend most of his time dashing around the streets of Star City in his super hero uniform. The Green Arrow is quite the dashing figure himself, with all those weapons and heavy eye makeup. I certainly do enjoy a man who can save you from all sorts of villains and big bads, but I also like my heroes to be a little versatile.

Oliver Queen is just that. He’s not a one trick pony, by any means.  Before he was saving the city from certain demise, Oliver was the eligible billionaire who gained quite a bit of celebrity in his own right. As a man about town, Oliver has to know how to look good. With the best designers at his disposal and money as no object, Oliver can afford to get the top of the line in everything.

It’s really a shame he has to cover up those biceps and abs with all those pesky clothes, but he makes up for it with those cheekbones and baby blues. He’s perfected the brooding glare, and above all else, that is his best fashion choice. All the grumpy introspection can get a little wearying at times, but at least you can rely on Oliver to show up, dressed to the nines, ready to give you the night of your life.