50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Photo: NBC/YouTube

Sonny Crockett – Miami Vice

Do I even need to make the case about why Sonny Crockett is a style icon? Even if you weren’t around in the ’80s to see Don Johnson bring this cooler-than-everything character to life, you probably will recognize the t-shirt, sport coat, sunglasses combo he made famous.

Sonny was one half of the hard-partying, drug-busting, cop duo. They lived and worked on the mean streets of sunny Miami, and they played just as hard and they arrested crooks. He was beachy and rock and roll all at the same time.

Of course, the south Florida humidity made a suit and tie completely impractical, but he still had to show those degenerates he meant business. Thus the Sonny-suit was born. Practical for the temperatures, but still style conscious enough to make the ladies swoon, Sonny cut quite the figure cleaning up the streets of Miami.

I don’t even care that the man didn’t own a pair of socks. He was a badass cop, a sexy lothario, and a reliable partner. He could go from protecting you from the evils of the drug trade to drinks at a beach side bar and never even have to change his white sport coat. The man must have spent a fortune on stain remover and dry cleaning.