50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Fez – That ’70s Show

Fez may not have been the hunkiest or studliest of his little group, but he made up for it by dressing to impress. His signature look was the open, fly collar and tabbed polyester pants, but it wasn’t as cheesy as it sounds.

Most often, Fez was the butt of a lot of the jokes. His friends were laughing at him, rather than laughing with him, but this didn’t stop him from putting his best foot forward. He also incorporated humor into his wardrobe.

Big, brown prints were his go-to choice, but he wasn’t afraid to add in a leather jacket or a puka shell necklace. If I had been a high school girl in the 1970s, I think I would have skipped right over Hyde and Kelso and gone straight for Fez.

He’s tender, gentle, kind, and always willing to help a friend. He may been a little desperate for the attention of the ladies, but that just says more about how clueless the girls were in his town than his talent as a boyfriend. Just think about all the joy you would get from running your hands through that middle parted hair, feathered within an inch of its life. And then think about how all those synthetic materials would feel. Yes, please.