50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Photo: ABC/Mark Levine

Rayna James – Nashville

Y’all should know that I’m just an all around Connie Britton fan. Most of what I want to be as a woman, mother, wife, and professional I learned from her roles as Tami Taylor in Friday Night Lights and Rayna James in Nashville.

Even though she’s no longer on either of those shows (RIP Rayna), she still serves up daily fashion inspiration. Rayna, as a country singer living in Tennessee, can’t get too crazy with her style. It’s just not practical for her to show up wearing a beaded gown, 8 inch heels, or $300 sweat pants like some of the other characters on this list might. She has to keep it casual, elegant, and above all else, classy.

Rayna nails it. She’s more glamorous and chic in a pair of jeans and cowboy shirt that I could ever hope to be in a ball gown. I love her for it. She’s imperturbable in her jeans and boots and that confidence is what brought her so much success.

It could be that glorious head of hair however. She always looks like she just came from the world’s most expensive blow out. She has perfected the notion of “not trying too hard.” Have you ever seen hair more gorgeous? No. No you have not, and you probably never will.