50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Photo: Patti Perret/FOX.

Chanel Oberlin – Scream Queens

Chanel is spoiled, racist, size-ist, and probably grapples with a lot of internalized misogyny, but damn can she rock a synthetic feather. She may be poison on the inside, but all those clothes with the fluffy textures and soft lines offer a very different impression. Don’t be fooled by the feather boas and mink hats, Chanel is a terrible person with a beautiful sense of style. It’s a lot of mixed messages.

As the Queen Bee in her circle, she pretty much calls the shots. It’s really a wonder that someone hasn’t murdered her. Maybe it’s because she just looks so pretty all the time, or maybe the pact she made with the devil provides her immortality.

Either way, I am loving her fusion style. She combines the slick, tight silhouettes of the ’90s with contemporary couture. And she always keeps it kinda flirty. Every outfit has its own sense of sexiness, and she can even make a nurse’s uniform look trendy and cool.

Sure, Chanel probably has a lump of coal with a dollar sign on it where her heart used to be, but thankfully that doesn’t get in the way of her eye for design. She’ll probably be the best dressed person in hell, but while she walks among us mere mortals, she’s going to do it looking super fly.