50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Beverly Goldberg – The Goldbergs

Don’t act like you didn’t know someone who looked just like Beverly Goldberg. For folks of a certain age, Beverly is every mom, aunt, teacher, or friend they had in the ’80s. Every time this woman appears on screen I feel like I’ve seen her outfit before. Whether it’s her snazzy jazzercize leotard, her bedazzled sweater collection, or her windsuits for power walking, Beverly Goldberg is the epitome of middle class, ’80s housewife prestige.

If you can get past all the dated sparkles and shoulder pads, you have to admit how well appointed this woman is. It must take her hours to get ready in the morning. The hair is perfectly feathered and sprayed, the sweater perfectly matches the pants and shoes, and the nails are the perfect shade of shimmer pearl. The woman really knows how to put in the effort, even if it’s only for making her famous shrimp parm.

Beverly Goldberg is the middle class glamor queen we need. She might be mostly occupied with loving her children into embarrassment and humiliation, but she always takes the time to get dressed and do her hair. You won’t catch Beverly Goldberg in a housecoat and rollers. No way. She’s got too much pride in her appearance and her role as representative for her family.