50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Grace Hanson – Grace and Frankie

Poise and class is always attractive, and if you ignore the ubiquitous martini glass in Grace Hanson’s fist, you have just that.

I won’t insult Jane Fonda by using the phrase “for her age” because this woman is a major force at any stage. Seriously, can I be half as vibrant, funny, self-assured, and gorgeous as she is at a third of her age? Her character, Grace, is coming out of a 40-year marriage with an in-the-closet husband, and is learning to start her life again at 70.

Grace packs up, moves to the beach, and starts living a life most folks would kill for. Even when she’s not lunching with her friends, or visiting her successful company, this woman looks like she was cranked out of a factory.

There is not a hair out of place on her head or a wrinkle to be found on her clothes. Her smart suits make her seem like the power broker she is by day, but her soft denim and wooly pashminas remind us she’s a beautiful and desirable woman underneath. Grace Hanson (and frankly, Jane Fonda, as well) is a style icon for women of any age. For real. I want every single stitch of clothing this woman wears.