50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Don Draper – Mad Men

I know. I’m double-dipping into the Mad Men universe, but what’s a “best dressed” list without Don Draper? If this list is any proof, I love a man in a suit, but Don is so much more than a thin necktie and a narrow lapel.

Much like Harvey Specter, Don’s boldness is what makes him so sexy. A lesser man wouldn’t be able to pull off those crisp white shirts or shiny loafers. There’s something about a man that acts like he owns the world, and Don’s fearlessness in the face of his adversity is really something to behold.

My favorite Don, however, is when he’s relaxed, shirt open, basking in the sun with a book and swimming trunks. Even when he’s got all the chill, he’s still pulled taut as a drum. I seriously think you could bounce a quarter off those shoulders, and I’d surely like to try.

Don Draper is such a man of his time, it makes you wonder what he would look like in a pair of skinny jeans or a cowl neck sweater. His 1950s and ’60s vibe is certainly part of his general aura, but with a look that timeless, it seems like it would translate pretty easily.