50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Photo: HBO

Jessa Johansson – Girls

It’s quite an accomplishment to fill the roles of both the boho free-spirit and the bad girl, but Jessa gets it done with ease. Well, maybe not ease, but she always looks completely effortless.

Jessa’s wardrobe looks like it was mined exclusively from thrift shops, vintage stores, and second-hand malls. Additionally, it looks like every thing she wears has been pulled from the bottom of the hamper. Rumpled, tattered, and blousy, Jessa looks like a Greek goddess that’s been on the road for six months. It’s gorgeous in that it is completely careless and free. I wish I could look this good with this little effort.

Jessa has struggled with many horrendous things in her life. Abuse, addiction, self-awakening, and through it all, she’s maintained her ethereal sense of style. She floats into a room on a cloud of sarcasm and suspicion. Every man wants to be with her, and every woman wants to get to know her. Until they do. She’s spoiled and narcissistic, but that angel face and lithe body will trick you all the way into loving her anyway.

Jessa’s wardrobe is as multi-faceted as she is. Some items look like they could be vintage Halston, while others look like they jumped off the set of Saved by the Bell. Say what you will about the brat that wears them, but she could go anywhere and be the most beautiful woman in the room.