50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Elizabeth Jennings – The Americans

If you’re going to be a spy in the 1980s, you better be versatile. Elizabeth Jennings is a lot of things, but she’s the best at transformation and flexibility when it comes to her style choices. She has to be ready to be whomever she needs to be at that moment. Even the depths of the Cold War are no match for extremely chic fashion sense.

Most days she has to play the all-American woman, running a family and a business, but there’s an edginess to her look that gives away her duplicitous nature. She probably has more leather jackets than I care to count, and she pairs them with a smoky eye and beautiful blowout.

Tough as nails and a capable spy, Elizabeth’s versatile wardrobe is just an extension of her talent and accomplishments. You could easily find her in frumpy wig and granny glasses, or you might find her in a shimmering evening gown. Just as much as she has to shift identities to be the best KGB spy she can be, her closet must accommodate her. It must be nice to be able to walk into your closet as yourself, and walk out as anybody else in the world.