50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Celeste White – Big Little Lies

Celeste lives in the sleepy little seaside town of Monterey, and her personal style reveals the relaxed vibes of a beach town. Even though she lives a nightmare with her abusive husband, Perry, she wraps herself in comfy, yet elegant pastels and soothing neutrals. Unfortunately, most of these have to have long sleeves and high necks to cover the bruises, making her the most tragic figure on this list.

She’s a successful lawyer turned stay at home mother, so her wardrobe is a mixture which reflects the different sides of her personality. Some mornings you can find her in a high-neck chiffon blouse with a form fitting pencil skirt. However, at night, you might find her wrapped in luxurious sweaters and soft jeans. She looks like she would fit in nicely in a Nancy Meyers movie, except for the physical violence she must endure on a regular basis.

Although Celeste is in a horrible toxic relationship with her husband and suffers violent domestic abuse at his hands, she remarkably always looks like she floated in off the coast. She is about as strong a woman as there ever was, and the awful reality of her home life is camouflaged by the gauzy, ethereal blouses and dresses she wears.