50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Photo: AMC

Joan Harris – Mad Men

It may be antiquated to praise the idea of “being a lady,” but Joan Harris seems to come from another time — even before the mid-century setting in which she lives. When she walks, she glides, she lilts when she speaks, and she turns everyone’s heads when she enters a room. If I didn’t know that Christina Hendricks was a real human, I would accuse Mad Men of creating her in a lab.

With a figure like Joan’s, anything would look amazing on her, but she keeps things professional and appropriate. As everyone’s Girl Friday, Joan has proven indispensable to just about every person at Sterling, Cooper & Partners.  She’s capable and ambitious, and isn’t afraid to pull all the strings from behind the scenes.

Most of her dresses are form fitting, rich in color and texture, and they are always flattering to her gorgeous skin and brilliant hair. She is unafraid to show a little cleavage when the situation calls for it, and it’s always her best accessory, aside from that knowing smirk.

Never one to cause a scene on purpose, her sexiness is far less a product of her sultry glances and body hugging dresses. She values propreity and carries herself in a way that demands respect and deference, no matter how much cleavage she shows.