Stephen Colbert Kicks Off His Return with the Mother of All Jokes


After 10 days off, Stephen Colbert is back and he’s coming in high kicking and swinging to catch us all up on everything we missed with Trump.

For the Easter break, Stephen Colbert has been out for ten days and what a span of time to miss in this time in our country. Just for context, the last episode Colbert filmed was on the night that Trump bombed Syria.

And Colbert made sure we knew just how insane everything has been since their break, starting with the fact that Trump doesn’t even seem to know what country he bombed that night. But it can get confusing when our orange Commander in Chief bombed more than one country in the span of ten days.

And now he’s high kicking his way onto our television sets once more.

Really, it shows that we really needed Colbert these last few days and we continue to need his wit and charm. He brings the news to us in a new and unique way that makes us want to tune into whatever he has to say.

And even if it is just Colbert pretending to be a solider in North Korea showing us how to march with attitude and sass. Colbert has quite the sass too.

So while the world seems terrifying and like we don’t know what is going to come next, it is nice having someone like Colbert around to give us the news and make sure we know how serious it all can be. Even if he does give us a nice joke to go along with whatever terrible news he’s talking about.

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Stephen Colbert is doing an incredible job of giving us the news we need to get through this weird time. And now that he’s back, we’re going to get even more great clips like this.