25 TV characters you want to be best friends with because they’re cool and you know it

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Virginia Johnson – Masters of Sex

Virginia Johnson is an actual person who broke ground with her partner, Dr. Bill Masters, in the field of sexual research in the 1950s. Recently, however, her and her partners’ life have been turned into a juicy drama on Showtime, in which Virginia is played by Lizzie Caplan.

Caplan’s Virginia is self-assured, independent, and determined to make her way in the (then taboo) field of sexual advancement. Mid-century America wasn’t a very hospitable place for women with non-traditional agendas, and Virginia bucks convention at every turn.

She didn’t care one bit when the men in the room shrank when she said the words “clitoris” or “vaginal orgasms” and she continued to push for and open and frank conversation about female sexuality. She’s a giant hero for women’s health.

She would be the girlfriend you could talk to about all that bedroom behavior. Virginia would never judge your kinks, proclivities, or desires. She’s also very eager to help you solve any sort of problems you have. As a clinician, researcher, and professional, she’s probably heard it all, so you can’t embarrass her. As a girl friend and scientist, she would be the first person to call when things malfunction.