25 TV characters you want to be best friends with because they’re cool and you know it

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Sue Heck – The Middle

There’s nothing more valuable in a friend than loyalty. And maybe earnestness. Sue Heck has both of these things in spades. She is absolutely always going to do the right thing, and she’ll never, ever hurt your feelings.

There’s not an ounce of cynicism or bitterness in Sue. She’s the perennial optimist, and she always looks at life from a place of “yes.” Despite her unfortunate adolescence, riddled with disappointments, rejections, and exclusions, Sue never gets down. Well, hardly ever. And even when she does, she works so hard to pull herself out of her funk, you just have to admire her pluck.

In fact, her pluck is exactly what makes her best friend material. She’s always going to encourage you, and make you feel like a suitcase full of money when you do well. She doesn’t have a selfish inclination at all, so when you succeed, she’s always going to be your biggest cheerleader. In turn, Sue is always trying new things, and will give you constant opportunities to be her cheerleader.  Which is also going to make you feel good.

In short, being friends with Sue Heck is just going to generally make you feel good, and isn’t that just the best? Don’t we all just want to feel good about ourselves and our lives? Sue Heck is the kind of friend that will help you do that.