Feud Episode 7 Trailer and Synopsis


Though the explosive and emotional series is winding down, Bette and Joan’s Hollywood feud remains, but their vulnerabilities as aging women are becoming more important than their legacies.

Last week’s reunion special. was messier and more unfortunate than any reality show’s could ever be. Our women are together again, much to their chagrin. Their next picture is underway. Unlike the filming of Baby Jane, where fierce, fiery magic rose from their friction, Sweet Charlotte seems to just be ready to burn the whole house down. And Joan, the initial impetus that kickstarted this whole saga, appears to be dead set on ignoring the flames, if not ready to toss another match in herself and watch it all burn.

This week’s episode, the penultimate, will find us in the midst of the women’s insecurities. As always, that includes with each other, in their careers, and, as ever, in their tumultuous personal lives. In the trailer below, Joan’s refusal to accept and respect Bette as the actress she is, and Bette’s stubbornness and tendency to stir the pot without seeming to lift a finger converge to suggest that basically nothing has changed from their first picture to this second one. And, in the most unfortunate plot twist in history, Joan’s weirdly beautiful relationship with Mamacita, which was in jeopardy last week, may be on its way to ending sooner than we’d ever want to believe.

And lest we forget about Bette and Bob’s ongoing, semi-shady but sometimes somehow sweet relationship! This week’s official synopsis (via TVGuide) hints that we haven’t seen the last of their romance. Maybe Bette’s hard outer shell will continue cracking away as we get closer to the end.

"“With production of ‘Hush…Hush Sweet Charlotte’ underway, the feud is intensified when Joan learns of a new producer on the project. Also: Bette reveals her vulnerabilities to Bob.”"

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For the second-to-last Bette and Joan showdown, tune in to FX this Sunday, April 16 at 10/9c. Also, follow our Feud coverage here on Culturess all week long!