Jimmy Fallon and Harry Styles are Getting Ready for Saturday Night Live


Fangirls around the world are screaming for this week’s Saturday Night Live, and now we have a promo video of Jimmy Fallon and Harry Styles.

Saturday Night Live decided to jam pack the final few episodes of the season this year and you know what that means? It means we get an episode with the return of Jimmy Fallon as host as well as musical guest Harry Styles!

So needless to say, fans are pretty excited about it. And now, we have a lovely promo of these two men trying to one up each other in their level of importance to get us excited about Saturday!

Recently, Saturday Night Live has been doing a pretty good job with their sketches and political relevance. Last week was pushing it a little as they made Louis C.K’s sketches a little too creepy for his past.

But really, they’ve stepped up this season. Almost every episode has a wonderful sketch included that we’re still talking about the next day. And really, with sketches like this Pepsi spoof, who wouldn’t love it?

So what will this episode bring us for Jimmy Fallon and Harry Styles? Who knows but we know that both of these men are funny and it should be pretty funny no matter what. And we really need a funny show like Saturday Night Live right now with how the world is.

And maybe we’ll even get more Alec Baldwin vs. Alec Baldwin! Because who doesn’t love that?

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Check back on Culturess for more up to date news on Saturday Night Live and our recap once the show has aired. And you won’t want to miss this week’s episode! It goes live across the United States all at the same time!