People Do Not Know the Difference Between a Muggle, Squib, Wizard or Witch


Yesterday we posted about the USA Today crossword about a muggle or a squib and it is shocking the amount of people don’t know what a muggle is.

After a clue in the USA Today crossword yesterday, we’re learning that people do not know what a muggle is. Why is that? Because the comments were going crazy after we made the statement that muggles do not go to Hogwarts.

While we are correct here at Wizards and Whatnot, many fought us saying that Hermione is a muggle. No. Hermione is a muggle-born witch but she is actually a witch. Muggles are classified as non-magical beings.

While a squib is a non-magical person who comes from a magical family (like Argus Filch), a muggle comes from a line of non-magical parents. Muggles can have magical children but they are, at their core, non-magical.

So in our statement that muggles cannot attend Hogwarts, we were correct. Those fighting the article using Filch as their example missed that Filch is, in fact, a squib. Honestly, it is baffling the amount of people who thought that Hermione, the brightest witch of her age, was a muggle.

Now, while we are all unfortunately muggles, we all dream to be witches and wizards. So maybe that’s why there is a mix up. But, in fact, no muggle can attend Hogwarts because to be a student there, you must possess magical abilities. Which would then not make you a muggle. Understand?

I get it, it can be hard for muggles to grasp the idea of what it is like to be a witch or wizard or even a squib at Hogwarts.

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So next time someone tries to tell you that a muggle can go to Hogwarts, you can calmly show them this article that very clearly explains why that statement is wrong.