Star Wars Celebration Orlando Will Have a Her Universe Collection Too


In case you didn’t have enough reasons to be jealous of those going to Star Wars Celebration Orlando, a fresh Her Universe collection will be there as well.

Star Wars Celebration kicks off later this month, and if you looked with longing at some of the wares Funko will have there exclusively, you might want to hold your wallet even more tightly now. Why? Because Her Universe will have a new line of Star Wars clothes there as well, per The Kessel Runway.

If you’re a Star Wars Rebels fan, the Hera long-sleeved tee might appeal to you:

According to the caption on Instagram, the text on the back was chosen by Vanessa Marshall herself, otherwise known as the voice of Hera Syndulla herself. Here are some additional photos of items from the new line.

Gold may not always be my color, but I think I’d make an exception for that sweet jacket, which celebrates the anniversary of A New Hope. It’s 40 years old this year, and without it, we wouldn’t be talking about the Celebration at Orlando this year, so it seems worthy of a jacket at the very least. Then again, that Darth Vader cardigan comes in black and has a more subtle touch to it with the stitching on the back to frame out Vader’s helmet. If you look at the collection on the site, you can see that the leather (or pleather) actually goes to the front of the shoulders as well.

Speaking of, the official website also confirms that these pieces won’t be exclusive to Star Wars Celebration. Instead, they’ll show up on the website at some time in the near future. Presumably it’ll be after the event ends on April 19; the Instagram caption above is no help, either, as it also only says “soon.”

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Which of these pieces grabs you the most?