Can Anyone Defeat The U.S. Women’s Hockey Team at the World Championships?


The final match of the IIHF Women’s Championship is tonight, and the U.S. women’s hockey team will be playing for the medal. The question is, can they lose?

Last week, the U.S. National Women’s Hockey team had two shutouts in the preliminary round at the IIHF World Championships. This week, they may not have had the shutout against Finland (the score was just 5-3 instead, but a win is a win), but that was just a preliminary match anyway. No, yesterday’s match against Germany counted. It was the semifinals of the tournament. The winner would play for the gold medal.

The score? 11-0, USA. Scoring 7 goals, as they did last week against Russia, is pretty ridiculous. Topping 10 is even more so. To try and put this in perspective, the current record for a single team in one NHL game is 16 goals, and that was set back in 1920. This is a world tournament, so it’s a little different, but the point remains.

Check out some highlights from the game below. They are basically all of the goals that Team USA scored. (Also, note how quiet it is while they play. It’s a lot different from NHL games.)

So, when is the next match? Well, you’re in luck. It’s actually tonight, according to USA Hockey. Unsurprisingly, they’ll be playing Team Canada once again. After losing to Team USA in the preliminary round by a score of 2-0, Canada lost again to Finland, then beat Russia. But, in their own semifinal match, they got their revenge against Finland, 4-0.

USA Hockey reports that things will start at 7:30 p.m. ET, and since this is the actually important game, it gets to be shown live on NHL Network. (Previous games, as you can see at the above-linked chart, have not always been shown live.) Additionally, will stream the game, so you can watch even if you don’t have NHL Network.

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Good luck, Team USA!