We Have a Batman & Harley Quinn Sneak Peek and it’s Everything Suicide Squad Wasn’t!


When it comes to Suicide Squad, most of us hated it but Harley Quinn did save the day. So guess what we’re getting now? Batman and Harley!

The first footage of the Batman & Harley Quinn was released and CBR.com had the scoop! And while it is exciting to see this animated film and what Suicide Squad ended up inspiring, the best part is the shade the creators give to the film.

When it comes to Suicide Squad, we had high hopes that were definitely dashed. It was convoluted and a bit messy but we got what we wanted out of most of the characters. Mainly Deadshot and Harley.

So this sneak peek is truly what we wanted out of Suicide Squad but didn’t really get.

Creators Commentary

Animation Creative Director Mike Carlin was the first to bring up Suicide Squad in the feature, explaining why it was time to create this animated film.

"We knew the Suicide Squad movie was coming, and there was a lot of buzz for the Harley Quinn character. We’re always looking for something that’s going to catch the public’s attention."

Bruce Timm had a bit more to say. Well, actually, he was the one who kind of threw the first blow at what Suicide Squad did to these villains.

"We don’t actually break the fourth wall, but we come really close to it. There’s just certain things that happen in the movie that you just kinda go, ‘Okay, I can’t believe they went there.’"

Because really, you can’t talk about this new animated feature without addressing the fact that Suicide Squad happened. It was part of the DC Extended Universe and all the DC creators now have to acknowledge it.

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The film will be available to purchase this summer. Check back on Culturess for more updates on the movie.