The 25 Must-See Titles at the 2017 TCM Classic Film Festival

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Poster from Lured (1947). Image via United Artists

Lured (1947)

A London serial killer is stalking young women through personal ads. When his latest victim is discovered, the police use the victim’s friend (Lucille Ball) is roped in to draw the killer out.

Lured is a film noir I haven’t seen yet, but it has quite a pedigree. Directed by Douglas Sirk, that master of melodrama this has a who’s who of stars including Lucille Ball in a rare dramatic role, George Sanders and Boris Karloff. Yes, Frankenstein’s monster himself is in this. Hollywood really enjoyed Jack the Ripper movies, and this sounds like it has a lot in common with The Lodger, another movie about a mysterious man stalking women.

In this case, Sirk’s hand behind the camera could add some additional nuance to this. (After this be sure to check out Sirk’s other films like Written on the Wind [1956], Magnificent Obsession [1954] and All That Heaven Allows [1955].) In terms of its festival presentation, this is being introduced by Karloff’s daughter Sara. How many chances will one have to be in the same room as Frankenstein’s daughter?

If you’re looking for some dark drama, then you’ll definitely be lured in by Lured.

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