“Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” Returns with Madame Hydra In Tow


When “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD” returns on Tuesday, April 4, the Framework will provide us a brand new villain in the form of Madame Hydra

If you weren’t already excited for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD to return, maybe a new super villain will up your interest (as if Grant Ward wasn’t enough!).

That’s right–when we see our SHIELD compatriots in the Framework, they’re Hydra compatriots. And they’re bringing Madame Hydra along with them. And she’ll be portrayed by the fantastic Mallory Jansen.

Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen said this to EW:

"“Since we’re bringing back Hydra in the Framework, we thought we’d bring it back with a force to be reckoned with […] Madame Hydra is a villain with the perfect combo of strength, sexy, and scary. We’ve thrown many challenges Mallory’s way and she’s always up for the task. We’re excited for fans to see how she makes Madame Hydra come to life.”"

She’s already played two different characters and does a fantastic job chewing scenery. But who the heck is Madame Hydra? And why should we care?

MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. – “What If…” (ABC/Jennifer Clasen)


You may also know her as Viper, who showed up in The Wolverine as the big bad. In the comics, she’s a professional terrorist that other villains don’t really want to associate themselves with. Most of the people around her die.

There are several versions of her. The one associated with SHIELD, however, involves a plot to capture Nick Fury. She realizes that she’s being manipulated, she switches sides and helps SHIELD. And then gets thrown in an asylum for being criminally insane.

So will Agents of SHIELD follow a similar storyline? Have this version of Madame Hydra realize they’re being hoodwinked by programming and turning to help Daisy and Simmons?

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We’ll find out when Agents of SHIELD returns on Tuesday, April 4th!