6 Ways to Avoid Having to Deal with April Fools’ Day

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“So close and yet so far.” Image via Buckie Wells.

1. Just Stay Inside

It probably doesn’t surprise you that we’ve suggested a lot of activities that can be done without even going outside. This last way to avoid April Fools’ Day is meant to cover everything else that we just haven’t mentioned. Maybe you’re working on a brand-new jigsaw puzzle, one that demands a keen eye and a willingness to have patience when you reach a difficult spot.

Perhaps it’s time to actually give spring cleaning a try. Places like Psychology Today have pointed out that there are some benefits to doing so.

Besides, today is, in fact, Caturday, but even for those of us who don’t have cats, it’s a good day to spend some time with your pet.

You could jam out to Hamilton: An American Musical for the umpteenth time. It could even provide some energy into the aforementioned cleaning attempt. Who doesn’t want to try and spit Lafayette’s part in “Guns and Ships” while tossing clothes onto a to-donate pile? Face it: you could be taking your closet by the reins right now. Hopefully, though, you can accomplish such a goal without making your red shirts redder with bloodstains.

There are so many things you can do to avoid April Fools’ Day if that’s what you want to do. Here’s to a Saturday for you to do whatever you like without having to deal with jokes, japes, or jests, and here’s hoping the above list has given you some inspiration.

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Now, to go back to that “Guns and Ships” … it’s all about knowing the words down pat before you try and speed it up.