6 Ways to Avoid Having to Deal with April Fools’ Day

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Cover to The Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi. Image via Tor.

Not everyone enjoys April Fools’ Day, but it’s hard to work around all of the pranks and fake announcements. Here are some ways to have a nice Saturday.

Well, here we are on April Fools’ Day. Some people actually enjoy this holiday. Some, like yours truly, do not. Is it because a lot of jokes end up feeling far more mean-spirited than they may have been intended? Well, yes, that’s certainly part of it. Some people may not like having “April Fool!” screamed in their faces after a prank doesn’t go off as planned in the attempt to try for something vaguely funny and salvage their presumably vaguely thought-out jest.

Before we go any further, we do want to say something serious. Any and all reasons to avoid April Fools’ Day are valid, even if you just don’t like it at all. It is okay not to like this holiday. If you like the holiday, that is fine too. Either way, be mindful of those who want to celebrate and be mindful of those who don’t.

However, wanting to avoid it and not actually dealing with it are two very separate things, and you may be feeling rather adrift when it comes to keeping yourself mostly free of April Fools’ Day. That’s why we’ve put together these suggestions for avoiding all the tomfoolery of April Fools’ Day and having a peaceful Saturday instead.