Seth Meyers vs Stephen Colbert: The Honeymoon Period


The honeymoon period of the Trump administration isn’t really that relaxing, and Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert are tackling it with ease.

Seth Meyers and Stephen Colbert have continually tackled the issues with Trump and his administration. They’re dealing with Russia, his failing approval rating, and his health care reform that never happened.

Last night, Seth turned his attention to the honeymoon period that Trump is supposed to be having. Unfortunately for him, that period is plagued with Russia investigations, failing health care bills and a whole lot of people pointing out his flaws. After all, he didn’t really win the presidency nor does he deserve it.

“Speaking of Trump’s loved ones,” Colbert said about Vladimir Putin and really, are we surprised? Colbert talked very little about Trump but instead went into Pence and his gender norm take down. For those who don’t know, Pence said that he does not eat alone with women who are not his family members or his wife.

Then, after the Trump Women’s Empowerment summit, Pence voted to undo what Obama did for Planned Parenthood. And before you preach about how Planned Parenthood is only for abortions, millions of women now do not have access to cancer screenings and general check-ups. All because men can’t look something up.

While the topics were pretty different last night, both did a good job of pointing out the flaws in the Trump administration as well as making sure we knew their stance on the issues.

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As per the usual, always watch these two men. They’re some of the most incredible television hosts we have. They’re tackling Trump and everything going on and they are not afraid. After all, we only have guys like Colbert and Meyers truly fighting for us on late night television.