Scandal Season 6, Episode 8 Live Stream: Watch A Stomach For Blood Online


In tonight’s episode of Scandal, we’ll figure out why Abby went off the deep end. To see what happened, here’s how to watch Scandal online.

Oh, Scandal. For a show that went on hiatus for like six months, it sure knows how to come back bigger and badder than ever. In the six months of downtime, Shonda Rhimes and company stored as much oomph in their back pockets as possible so that when season 6 premiered, they would leave all the thirsty Scandal fans speechless and desperate for more.

Thanks to the past seven episodes, I can safely say that we are back to the good ol’ days of Scandal where the drama keeps coming and it has absolutely nothing to do with Fitz.

Because, obviously, everyone has some type of crush on Olivia. Most often, it’s because of her fierce command of power and ability to intimidate everyone in the room. And it’s this jealousy that’s forced Abby to become our next great villain. The show’s all about power, and standing next to the President of the United States, Abby’s as close to the power source as possible and will do anything to keep it.

So let’s check out the synopsis for the new episode, “A Stomach for Blood”:

"The events from election night are retold from Abby’s perspective, revealing a formidable thirst for power and an explosive secret she’s been keeping."

Jeez, remember when Abby was meek and mild and just an abuse victim who talked fast? Well, those days are officially gone. As we learned last week, she’s been pulling the strings and even controls Rowan… or employs someone to control him. “Real power never gets its hands dirty.” — Someone on the show at some point probably.

Check out a sneak peek of the episode:

I still love you, Abby. Though, I don’t know for how much longer.

Now, here all the details you need to catch the Scandal live stream:

Date: Thursday, March 30
Time: 9 p.m. ET
Episode: “A Stomach for Blood”
Channel: ABC
Live stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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Catch the new episode of Scandal at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.