25 reasons why Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation is the best

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7. Cones of Dunshire

First, let us go through the origin of the Cones of Dunshire. When Mike Schur and some of the writers for Parks and Recreation were working as writers on Saturday Night Live, they started to create this game. Amy hated it and didn’t understand it and she still complains about it even to this day.

Mike wanted a character to create it in one of his shows and when our nerdy Ben was born, he saw his opportunity. So Ben finds himself unemployed once again and this time, in his time off, he creates Cones of Dunshire.

It becomes a running gag throughout the rest of the show and he ends up playing it to win Pawnee free wi-fi in the sixth season. But really, Cones is convoluted and confusing and no one except the actual creators know how to play it.

And everyone always asks Adam Scott about it and he doesn’t know how it actually works. But it was Ben’s baby and it ended up being a wildly successful game in the world of the show. The fact that Ben dresses up as one of the characters from the board game for Halloween is also pretty adorable too.