25 reasons why Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation is the best

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12. Plaid Shirts

When it comes to fashion and Parks and Recreation, every character has their defining wardrobe. They each have something that is very clearly their fashion and you can recognize it from a picture alone. You don’t need to see who is attached to it, you just know by looking at a drawing that that pantsuit belongs to Leslie or that that cashmere top is Tom’s.

And with Ben, his is definitely his gingham shirts. At first, he was always in a plain shirt and a tie but then the dawning of the gingham shirt Ben appeared and we all found our love. In almost every scene, he’s either in a suit or a gingham shirt. Sometimes he’s in a suit with a gingham shirt. Why? No one knows. Ben just likes plaid I guess.

It isn’t that weird of a fashion choice, it is just weirdly fitting for Ben. That’s why his unemployed outfit is so funny. It’s so far removed from what we had come to know as casual Ben that it was a stark difference in change to his personality.

But with the gingham Ben, we know what we’re getting and it is just a fun costume choice for him.