25 reasons why Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation is the best

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14. Depressed Ben

Unemployed Ben Wyatt or Depressed Ben is probably one of the greatest things that Parks and Recreation gave us. Why? Because Depressed Ben sits in his house wearing his Letters to Cleo shirt and some jeans, his hair is crazy, and he makes weird creations.

For example, Requiem for a Tuesday. When Ben was unemployed after he and Leslie told Chris of their relationship, he made a Claymation video that he thought was going to win Oscars. What he discovered was that three weeks of work led to a two second video.

It ended up in his breakdown and Chris having to talk to him, only after Ben attempted to make calzones, but still. Depressed Ben is just awesome because it is a weird side of Ben we don’t see too often.

He’s raw and trying to keep himself busy but he does it in the weirdest ways. He keeps himself busy by literally making movies and calzones. Who does that? Rather than working out or reading, he made Requiem for a Tuesday and really it just further proves why we love him.

Any other character it would have been a sad thing to see. But with Ben, it just made us love this version of him even more.