25 reasons why Ben Wyatt from Parks and Recreation is the best

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15. Ice Town

Ben Wyatt has a secret. Well, it isn’t really a secret. When Leslie starts to accuse him of not knowing how government works, she asked him if he has ever been part of a government. Ben responds with the name of his town and Leslie clearly has heard of it.

Want to know why? Because Ben was a teenage mayor who bankrupted the town. He thought a winter sports complex was going to be a smart idea and put all the money in it and it went belly up.

But it seems as if Ice Town follows him around for forever. After all, Ice Town Costs Ice Clown His Town Crown. Even when he goes back to Partridge and thinks that everything has passed over, they still hold Ice Town over his head.

But that’s just something that makes Ben a more complex character. Everyone on the show has their problems but it seems as if Ben is one of the only ones who’s past follows him around continually. He can’t seem to escape what Ice Town did to him.

So yes, Ice Town ended up being terrible for Ben but it did make us love him just that little bit more.