The Next Wave of Batman ’66 Pops Finally has Batgirl


Fans of the classic ’60s version of Batman have a bevy of new Pops from Funko to collect in the near future, but let’s face it, Batgirl’s the highlight.

Funko has continued to announce new lines, new exclusives, and new figures for shows, movies, and franchises from all over pop culture. Today’s big announcement is a release window for some new Batman Pop!s, specifically from the ’60s TV show starring Adam West. Say it with us now:

Holy collectibles, Batman!

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to some photos, shall we? This wave, which will drop in June, primarily features villains. However, we’ll start with the heroine of the hour.

Batgirl ’66 Pop! Image provided by Funko.

That purple-and-yellow color scheme is obnoxiously bright for a supposed superhero, but she’s dressed reasonably for the hero business. As for that little flip to her hair? That’s all ’60s.

Mr. Freeze ’66 Pop. Image provided by Funko

Ice to see you’ve arrived, Mr. Freeze! (Sorry.) Those looking for the Animated Series version might be a bit disappointed to see that this one has eyebrows and no red-tinted goggles.

King Tut Batman ’66 Pop. Image provided by Funko.

King Tut is indeed a real villain in the realm of Batman ’66. Batman once had to use the power of the Batusi to beat him. No, really.

Penguin ’66 Funko Pop! Image provided by Funko

Naturally, the Penguin looks quite dapper, including his monocle and ever-present umbrella. We wonder what this one does.

Riddler ’66 Pop! Image provided by Funko.

If you’re looking for The Riddler, you’re more likely to find the above version. However, Funko has created two versions.

Riddler ’66 Pop! Image provided by Funko.

This one is a chase variant. Funko’s press release says there’s a 1 in 6 chance of obtaining this one. However, it doesn’t appear to be a store exclusive.

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Will these be part of your collection sooner rather than later, or will you save Bat-room for a different series?