John Cho is Coming to Difficult People and We’re Excited!


The beautiful prince known as John Cho isn’t just limited to our movie screens and Selfie any longer, he’s coming to Difficult People!

Ever wish there was more John Cho in your life? Well, the answer to your prayers is finally here! John is going to be on Difficult People and really, there is nothing more exciting. The show, starring Parks and Recreation’s Billy Eichner and Twitter heroine Julie Klausner, has been wowing audiences for two seasons.

It follows two people who are seen as difficult by those around them. Get why it’s called Difficult People now? They’re genuinely terrible people most of the time but there is something so endearing about them that just makes us love Billy and Julie even though we probably shouldn’t.

From executive producer Amy Poehler, the show is just a fun one to watch. It’s a HULU original series and the episodes are only a half an hour long. But now part of that half an hour is going to be filled with the ever lovely John Cho!

Famous for his film Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle or his role as Sulu in the new Star Trek movie franchise, the world is slowly learning how much they love him. Really, they’re all late to the game.

John has been around for quite sometime and he’s absolutely amazing in everything he does. So we should love him and his work more often but hey, at least now he’s starting to be in more things for us to watch!

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So needless to say, we’re excited. He’ll be a great addition to the show! And I personally hope that there is at least one scene where Billy and Julie talk about how pretty he is. Because really, you can’t have John on and not talk about how handsome he is!