Daniel Radcliffe Movie Trailer for Jungle Has Been Released


Daniel Radcliffe’s Australian movie Jungle has been released its trailer, and he looks absolutely beastly.

It feels like it was almost yesterday that we were reporting that Daniel Radcliffe and join the cast of the Australian movie Jungle. Actually, it was just this past February, but the cast has already ended filming in April. The upcoming adventure film also cast Alex Russell (Chronicle, Carrie), and Thomas Kirchman (Avengers: Age of UltronCars 2). The Jungle is based on Israeli adventure Yosi Ginsberg’s harrowing story of three young men who get lost jungle in the Amazon. His survival story was featured as part of a Discover Channel series called I Shouldn’t Be Alive.

Take a look at the trailer for Jungle.

You can’t unsee this movie trailer once you’ve watched it. You can tell almost immediately from watching the video this adventure is going to have devastating results for Daniel Radcliffe. Apparently, his character wasn’t quite ready to get lost in the Amazon for three weeks. While Yoshi Ginsberg’s experience originally took place in the Amazonian jungle, the film was shot in beautiful but dangerous Queensland, Australia. For Daniel Radcliffe, this is quite a departure from the films he tends to make, but it does have us intrigued. Not to mention the inclusion of Kirchman’s casting in this movie as the mysterious guide will be incredible to watch.

Still, no word when Jungle will appear in theaters but Arclight Films is handling the worldwide distribution. Make sure you stay plugged into Wizard and Whatnot so we can bring you all Potterverse news you need.

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The trailer for Jungle looks impressive, and of course, Daniel Radcliffe’s acting is spot on. Tell us in the comment if you will go to see this movie or if this is a hard pass.