25 of the most toxic relationships on TV

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Eric Mccandless / ABC

Olivia and Fitz

Being married might be a relationship deal breaker for most folks, but Fitz’s marital status is not even in the top five of most toxic things about his affair with Olivia. Although Olivia is a badass gladiator with the ability to solve everybody’s disastrous messes, she falls in love with a man with is obviously insecure about his own value.

To that end, he constantly exerts his control over her, seeking to make her feel small and powerless. That sounds laughable to anyone who’s ever even seen one scene with Olivia Pope. He’s aggressive and has hurt more than once. His jealousy gets out of control, and his need to know everything about her leads him to put her under surveillance, so he can keep track of her every move.

They have both lied to each other over and over, and although they are terrible to each other, they just can’t let the other one move on and be happy. Of course, Fitz refused to divorce his wife, even though he loves Olivia. And Olivia ruins all her subsequent relationships because of her destructive baggage with Fitz. Neither of these two can see how bad they are for each other, and if they can, they don’t care to do anything about it.