25 of the most toxic relationships on TV

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Veronica and Logan

Logan may have been rife with charm and charisma, at his core, he was a spoiled selfish kid whose cavalier attitude led a lot of really awful stuff happening to Veronica. These two were the epitome of star-crossed lovers, but it was never really clear with the dynamic and delightful Veronica would waste her time on such a tool.

Her first instincts about Logan were right. She was repulsed by his entitled, rich guy schtick, and they were antagonists for much of the series. Before she agreed to date him, Logan terrorized her. He bullied her, threatens her, and even vandalized her car. He was a giant dick, and supplied the drugs that led to Veronica’s date rape.

Even after all that, they dated and broke up countless times, but kept it a secret at first. Because he’s gross and she’s wonderful. At some point, she though Logan murdered her best friend and even had him arrested for it. Inexplicably they recovered from this as well, and proceeded to date even more.

The series constantly tried to convince us Logan was just a misunderstood bad boy, but he never could live up to it. Veronica, like many, many other women, took far more shit from him than she should, and dated far beneath her when it came to Logan Echolls.