25 of the most toxic relationships on TV

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Luke and Laura

Luke and Laura may have been General Hospital “super couple,” but they were certainly bad news. Laura is another one of those women that refuses to see that the man she loves is really a bad dude. She stayed mooney-eyed over Luke after he did some terrible, awful things. Of course, this was the world of daytime soaps, so must have a hearty suspension of disbelief, but some of the things Luke did to Laura will make your skin crawl.

For their very first meeting, a drunken Luke raped Laura, yet she still falls in love with him. They married shortly thereafter and their wedding was watched by over 30 million viewers. Their love story became the center of the almost every adventure plot of the soap, and their romance is still one of the greatest known in any show, daytime or otherwise.

Over the course of three decades, they faced obstacles that grew increasingly more outlandish. From obesity, alcoholism, mental disorders, cancer, to countless attempts at world domination, their romance was fueled almost entirely by adrenaline and the audience’s need to see them survive hardship after hardship.

Even though General Hospital is not the daytime juggernaut it once once, their toxic, destructive relationship still has a presence on the most recent incarnations. It just goes to show you that the more toxic the relationship, the more folks love it.