Chris Craziness: March Madness Sweet 16 – Chris Evans vs. Chris Daughtry


We have made it down to the final 16 and there are battles to be had in Chris Craziness yet. So who wins this one: Evans or Daughtry?

Been missing out on our Chris Craziness that’s happening on Culturess? Well you can still join in! For March Madness, we were at Culturess wanted to do something special. So we’re doing Chris Craziness, our own special competition. Which Chris is the best of all Chrises? Well, you get to decide!

And it’s easy to be involved. All you have to do is follow Culturess on Twitter and make sure to vote in every round! Easy, right? And this round, we have quite the mash-up for you all!

Round 1

HOLLYWOOD, CA – FEBRUARY 26: Actor Chris Evans attends the 89th Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood

Chris Evans

Captain America himself is the heartthrob for many out there, so you have to make sure to vote for him and keep our American legacy. Plus really, who doesn’t love Chris Evans? He literally said “I don’t wike it” and he isn’t trying to be funny!


Chris Daughtry arrives at Marvel’s “Ant-Man” Los Angeles Premiere held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, CA on Monday, June 29, 2015. (Photo By Sthanlee B. Mirador) *** Please Use Credit from Credit Field ***

Chris Daughtry

This American Idol contestant has been around making music ever since but do you think he should beat out Captain America? If you think Daughtry can take on the Cap, make sure to vote so your favorite can progress to the next round!

Vote Now!

You don’t want your favorite to lose so make sure to vote now!

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So make sure you follow Culturess on Twitter and keep up with the competition! But who wins this round? Captain America or an American idol? It’s up to you! Make sure to vote!