25 reasons we want Daenerys Targaryen to sit on the Iron Throne

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15. She takes on dangerous challenges

The Known World is a dangerous place. There’s people all over it who try to speak, scheme, and sometimes kill in order to get their way. Luckily, we told you about how fearless Dany is already, which should make this reason seem simple as well.

In order to succeed in life, one must be willing to jump into things that seem scary at first. Take this scene from Season 2’s “Valar Morghulis.” Pyat Pree of the Thirteen has taken Dany’s baby dragons into the House of the Undying, an odd building which looks like something straight out of the TV show Lost. Still, Dany is determined to take back what is rightfully hers, and barely hesitates to step foot inside the place. In the end, she does get what she wants again, and is also treated to several prophetic visions along the way. This was one of the first challenges Dany had to undertake completely on her own, for reasons that were important to her and her alone.

In a world where nothing seems certain for Dany, she remains unafraid to fight for what is right. Because she hold such a powerful position, her people will follow her with ease after seeing her face challenges head on. In the house of the Undying, she came face to face with some of the most mentally daunting tests, which can’t be ignored in a world full of swordplay and battlegrounds. If she keeps her head on straight and tackles a problem head on, there’s seemingly nothing that could stop her.