25 reasons we want Daenerys Targaryen to sit on the Iron Throne

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14. She has three dragons

This may seem totally obvious, but hey, she is the Dragon Queen after all. Dragons are the most  mythical creatures in all of the known world and finally, finally, after all this time, the dragons are coming home to roost. And who else but Dany has the ability to raise them into the strongest fighting forces the world has ever seen?

Dany obviously has a magnetic connection to her dragons. They’re not her slaves, they’re her children. They will be there for her when everyone else has gone. They’re there at her beck and call, and she is a leader who will use her power for the greater good. Since nobody in centuries has even seen a dragon, there’s very few resources for Dany to learn how to raise them properly. However, she obviously did her job well as everywhere she goes, her three children have followed, and will continue to follow.

And really, what’s going to take out a dragon? The Great Masters were burned up in a matter of moments during the battle of Slaver’s Bay. These creatures have the potential to do such serious damage that those in King’s Landing may not even know what hit them, until it’s far too late. And the White Walkers are icy beigns after all. What melts ice better than a full on blast of dragonfire

We’re quite certain that Dany’s dragons would never hurt her, though we have seen them hurt others at just a word from her. As it stands, Dany has a good grip on controlling her dragons. We can practically see the black and red Targaryen flag flying high above King’s Landing with this trio backing the Unburnt.