Harry Potter and Politics: The Connection that Everyone Forgets About


With the most recent election and everything following it, many fans forget Harry Potter’s connection to political parties.

When it comes to politics and the Harry Potter series, many fans don’t want to hear it anymore. They are tired of real life bleeding into their favorite series. But I’d like to point out that it is a series full of politics.

Here is the thing about Harry and his friends, they are very much the rebels fighting against an establishment. They continue to do so throughout the entire series. Even when people tell them that they shouldn’t or that they are too young, the disobey direct orders and do what they think is right.

Also, if there are no politics in Harry Potter, what do you thing the Ministry of Magic and MACUSA are? Governing bodies for wizards, right? So then what do you think a governing body is comprised of?

I think it is safe to say it is comprised of wizard politicians. So already your point of “there are not politics in this series” is a false statement. That’s what is great about this whole argument! People think they know what they’re talking about. Have you ever looked at the series from a deeper level and not the base reality of what you’re given?

No? Well then it isn’t our fault if we compare the series to our current political climate. If it has nuances to what we’re going through, it isn’t our fault that we want to compare it to our favorite series.

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So the next time you star to fight someone about the Harry Potter series and tell them that they’re wrong for comparing it to politics, maybe realize that you’re not right and that people can connect to it in however they see fit.