Is There a New Saturday Night Live on Tonight, March 25?


Things are heating up in the Trump administration and we’re all waiting for Saturday Night Live and their take on everything happening!

Every week we tune into Saturday Night Live to see how they take on Trump and everything happening in the United States. And boy would this week have been a good one! Unfortunately for us all, the show is still on hiatus.

For those unaware, today Trump pulled the GOP healthcare reform bill. And if these most recent episodes of Saturday Night Live have shown us anything, it is that the show thrives when something big happens the day before it airs.

So it is truly a shame the show isn’t on tomorrow. But no worries, there is a great line-up of guests coming our way! From the Rock to, my personal favorite, Chris Pine, SNL is pulling out all the stops for the last few episodes of the season.

We just have to wait until the show comes back. And again, unfortunately for us, isn’t really any time soon. The show isn’t coming back this week or next week for that matter. But when it does finally return, we’ll get Louis C.K hosting with musical guest The Chainsmokers. And really, with Louis C.K, it is promising to be a great episode no matter what.

With the week we’ve had, the jokes are just going to write themselves when the show finally comes back. As long as Trump just keeps on the same path.

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