15 Episodes of The West Wing We Need Now More Than Ever

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With the Democratic National Convention upon them and a narrow race between the candidates, Josh and the Santos team are exhaustively trying to find a way to edge forward, while Bartlet also faces the challenge of backing a nominee. Tired, frustrated and hungry to win, the team receives a report of one of the nominee’s wives and a problem with prescriptions and depression – and the possibility of somehow using that against them. Santos is firm not to.

It’s a classy move, and one that recurs throughout – the strategy of attack ads, and the morality of them. Santos, for one, wants no part – especially when it’s not against the nominee himself, but the man’s wife.

It’s a move that I wish would’ve mirrored itself in the most recent election season, from multiple parties. Attack ads on character have become all too common, cutthroat and at times, below the belt and even wrong. Bernie on Hillary, Trump on…well, literally everyone, but especially Hilary. There was a time when class, respect and dignity had a place – and while there is disagreement and fight, there is no place for commentary on spouses. Even Hillary Clinton, whose husband was president himself, did not deserve commentary on Bill’s actions – because she was running, not him.

Stick to the race at hand, run with class, and bring substance back to the game. Are we asking for too much?