Thin Mint Beer, Girl Scout Cookie Beer Is A Reality


Girl Scout cookies are addictive. Now, the always popular thin mint has inspired a Girl Scout cookie beer.

Whether you get a box in your neighborhood or on the way out from the grocery store, Girl Scout cookies are an annual event. Maybe you savor just a single box or maybe you stash extra boxes in the freezer. These iconic Girl Scout cookies have been sold for 100 years. And now Southern Tier Brewing Company has announced that it created an inspired brew, Girl Scout Cookie Beer.

Southern Tier Brewing Company is a New York based brewery. While the brewery makes a tasty hoppy ale and the uber popular annual Pumking, the decadent dessert beers are spectacular. Known as the “Blackwater” series, these dessert inspired beers let you sip your sweets. The Blackwater series features flavors like Choklat, Crème Brulee, and Warlock.

The Thick Mint Stout isn’t officially approved by the Girl Scouts. It seems highly unlikely that an organization for young girls would endorse a beer. Still, this thin mint inspired treat sounds more intriguing than other mainstream, commercial products.

According Food & Wine, “the beer, with a 10 percent alcohol content, is brewed with mint and cocoa nibs.” While the beer doesn’t actually use the iconic thin mints, this beer uses the flavors that many of us crave during Girl Scout cookie season. The hearty dessert stout sounds like a great vehicle for these sweeter flavors.

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Before you scoff at this dessert beer, the idea could make fun dessert pairings. For example, a simple ice cream float with the Thick Mint could be quite delicious. Or, you could sip the Thick Mint while enjoying a creamy pot de crème. The possibilities are many.

Southern Tier Brewing Company beers are available at its New York original brewery location, its new Philadelphia location and at various retailers or restaurants. For more information on the company, its beers and its events, please visit the Southern Tier Brewing Company website.