The Harry Potter Soundtrack: What’s Our Favorite Song


The score for the Harry Potter films help most of us get through our days but what song on the soundtrack means the most to our writer?

When it comes to the Harry Potter soundtrack, many of us have our favorite songs for different reasons. For me, it has always been “Harry & Hermione”. The song comes from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince when Harry and Hermione are found sitting together.

For someone who has always loved Harry and Hermione as a couple, this song was extremely important to me. But more than that, it is just a great score to the film. It is understated yet still has that Harry Potter feel that we fans still love to this day.

The most beautiful part of the song is the ability to lose yourself in it and not realize you’ve been listening to nothing but “Harry & Hermione” for the last three hours. It is soothing and makes you forget whatever problems you’re facing.

Much like the moment in the film, it is comforting and just has this way about it that makes the listener relax. So it is really easy to write to it or put it on in the background while you’re working. There isn’t really a tension to it and the song just gives us a sense of love and calm that many of the other songs on the soundtracks lack.

So that is why my favorite in all of the Harry Potter franchise has to be “Harry & Hermione”. And you know what I’m going to do now? Go and listen to it fifteen more times!

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Do you have a favorite from the Harry Potter soundtracks? Sound off below with your favorite from the beautiful score of the Harry Potter series!