15 Romantic Pairings of Actresses We Desperately Need On Screen Together

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JULY 23: Actress Melanie Scrofano attends Entertainment Weekly’s Annual Comic-Con Party 2016 at Float at Hard Rock Hotel San Diego on July 23, 2016 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images for Fashion Media)

Jan 10, 2016; Beverly Hills, CA, USA; Emmy Rossum arrives on the red carpet during the 73rd Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. Mandatory Credit: Dan MacMedan-USA TODAY NETWORK

Melanie Scrofano & Emmy Rossum

These two. I’m partly putting these two together because they oddly remind me of one another and I think that could work wonders on TV. They both nail sarcasm perfectly and their facial expressions are a gift from above, which leads me to believe that they’d a great couple in a romantic comedy.

Picture This: Okay, this might be a little weird but I’m already kind of digging it. You know the movie “Enchanted” with Amy Adams? She’s a princess from a fairytale world who ends up in present day New York City. Well, I want the opposite.

I want Emmy Rossum and Melanie Scrofano to be living in present day New York City. They’re best friends who recently realized that they have a “more than just friends” love for one another. However, the homophobic and the “this is just a phase” comments are getting really old, really fast. Just as they’re about to break up, something “freaky-fridayesque” goes down and they get thrown into a fantasy world full of fairytales, dwarves, poisonous apples, and any storybook character you can think of.

They need to talk to the talk, walk the walk, and fake it ‘til they make it until they figure out how to get back home. Along the way, they meet a variety of people who help them realize that what people think of you should never stand in between you and your destiny.