Grey’s Anatomy Sneak Peek: What’s Next for Owen and Amelia?


On Thursday’s new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Owen and Amelia finally get to talk about their marriage. Here’s a sneak peek of “Till I Hear It From You.”

Since their marriage in the season 12 finale of Grey’s Anatomy, Owen and Amelia have struggled to get on the same page in their romance. For as long as we’ve known him, Owen wanted to get married, settle down and start a family. But despite all his relationships on the show, it seems like nobody’s ready to take that step with him. Maybe it was Teddy, but their timing was totally off.

Meanwhile, Amelia’s always been a blur. Even while she appeared on Private Practice, she’s been a hurricane. But as Dr. Shepherd, the best neurosurgeon at Grey Sloan, Amelia’s place is in the O.R., being a superhero. After she married Owen, she struggled to balance marriage, surgery and Owen’s desire to have kids.

Even though they love each other, they’re still learning how to communicate with one another.

Over the weekend at PaleyFest, Kevin McKidd (Owen) shed some light on what he’s dealing with:

"“Owen’s really struggling. He’s a very tortured guy — he thinks the thing that’s going to fix him is to have a family with this woman, but she doesn’t want to right now. He’s waiting and he loves her and he’s tortured and we’ll see what happens.”"

After almost being pregnant and then discovering it was a false alarm, Amelia left and hid at Edwards’ house, then returned to Meredith’s home to take Karev’s bed. After several episodes, she finally returned to the hospital at Maggie’s request.

Hopefully, “Till I Hear It From You” will bring about the first step in their reconciliation. Check out a sneak peek of the episode below:

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Catch the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.