20 Of The Best Comics Superhero Costumes

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Doctor Strange Official Poster, via Marvel Studios

8. Doctor Strange

As we’ve all learned from The Incredibles’ fashion designer extraordinaire, Edna Mode, capes are a pretty terrible idea. They get caught on missile fins, in turbine engines, and in villain’s hands at the last moment. At the very least, it’s just a step and a trip away from face planting in front of thousands or even millions of people. Talk about embarrassing.

Sometimes, though, you really need a cape. Edna Mode may grit her teeth in righteous fury, but the drama and flair of a good cape can really make a strong impression. Witness the character of one Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme.

First of all, let’s try a thought experiment. Imagine Doctor Strange without the cape. Actually, if you saw the 2016 Doctor Strange film, then you saw both the caped and capeless versions. Which was more impressive? Can you even imagine performing an arcane magic spell without a dramatically billowing cape behind you? I didn’t think so.

Now, the particulars of Doctor Strange’s costume matter, too. The cape is a bright, rich red with a theatrically large collar. He’s also typically seen wearing some sort of blue tunic with leggings, which manages to both look reasonable and comfortable at the same time. Strange is also pretty good at accessorizing, seeing as he often sports a cool medallion and some gold gloves. The Sorcerer Supreme has got to live up to his larger than life title, after all.